June 2015 - GReD, with the GeoGuard service, was among the 20 SMEs selected by JUPITER to participate to the EGNSS Village at the ITS Bordeaux 2015.

European Satellite Navigation Competition 2015


September 2015 - Eugenio Realini (GReD) and Nick van de Giesen (TU Delft) were awarded the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2015 University Special Prize and The Netherlands Regional Prize. Project title: “GNSS Monitoring of Precipitable [...]



January 2016 - GReD (Italy) and Saphyrion (Switzerland) are awarded the EUREKA-Eurostars funding for the EDWIGE project, that aims at designing and producing a low-cost innovative Galileo-GPS receiver. This receiver will be integrated into GeoGuard [...]

e-Knot project


February 2016 - February 2016 – GReD was selected by the H2020 e-Knot project to receive consultancy from an academic institution on the topic of designing a Galileo E1/E5a dual-frequency software receiver. [...]

Keys to Japan


September 2015 - GReD and GeoGuard received the Keys to Japan award by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation to develop a business plan to introduce GeoGuard in the Japanese market.

BRIGAID project


January 2016 - The BRIGAID project, led by TU Delft, is selected for H2020 funding. GReD is among the project participants, with the task of deploying dense networks of GeoGuard receivers in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) [...]

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