One of the main activities of GReD is the development of state-of-the-art solutions for advanced topographic and cartographic applications, as well as support for Critical Infrastructures Health monitoring systems.

GReD and Proteco recently became partners, with the purpose of developing and commercialising a Service for the static/dynamic monitoring of critical infrastructures.

The system, based on GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BEIDOU, …) will allow to measure the position of special sensors at the centimeter/millimeter level, in order to permit a continuous and precise monitoring of the behaviour of static systems (buildings, dams, bridges, towers for power supply, …) as well as of dynamic systems with slow movements (landslides, glaciers, …)

The most important application areas are:

  • prevention of the collapse of static structures (towers, dams, bridges, reservoirs, ..),
  • prevention of the collapse of land/objects because of hydrogeological instability.

Proteco website:

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