Area Description

The area is characterized by the presence of an ancient crystalline crust overlain sediments varying in thickness between 1500 m and  5000m. The thinnest succession is thought to be in the Nogal Valley, thickening to the north and south toward the coast.

Gravity Data

  • Compilation of latest GGMs and ground gravity stations
  • Grids of other derived products, derivatives and transforms (e.g. full tensor, THD, Tilt Angle etc.)
  • Grid of gravity map accuracy;
  • Spatial Resolution: 2 km

Magnetic Data

  • Compilation of latest global magnetic data and shipborne Total Magnetic Intensity
  • Grid of magnetic map accuracy;
  • Spatial Resolution: 5 km

Further Insight

Possibility to perform joint gravity and magnetic Bayesian inversion to estimate:

  • Full 3D geological model in terms of density/susceptibility distributions
  • Regular grids of principal geological horizons
  • Spatial resolution: 2 km
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