Area Description

The area is related to the part of the Alpine Himalayan orogenic belt in Iran between latitude 25°N and 45°N and longitude 40°E to 65°E.

Gravity Data

  • Compilation of latest GGMs
  • Grids of gravity anomalies and other derived products, derivatives and transforms (e.g. full tensor, THD, Tilt Angle etc.)
  • Spatial Resolution: 7 km

Geological Data

  • Full 3D geological model in terms of density distribution
  • Regular grids of principal geological horizions (topography, sediments bottom, basement and Moho) build from a compilation of latest available models.
  • Spatial resolution: 7 km

Further Insight

The available results of a gravity constrained inversion performed with proprietary software are:

  • Regular grid of Moho depth
  • Spatial resolution: 7 km

Results have been published in Heydarizadeh Shali, H., Sampietro, D., Safari, A., Capponi, M., & Bahroudi, A. (2020). Fast collocation for Moho estimation from GOCE gravity data: the Iran case studyGeophysical Journal International221(1), 651-664.

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