Area Description

The Western Balkan area, basically the region laying between Bulgaria and the Adriatic Sea, is the most complex and active European tectonic setting. The area is located in the correspondence of the collision between the African and Eurasian plates and is characterized by the presence of the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt and by the opening of the Pannonian Basin, the Carpatian-Balkanina Basin and the Adriatic Basin.

Gravity Data

  • Compilation of latest GGMs
  • Grids of gravity anomalies and other derived products, derivatives and transforms (e.g. full tensor, THD, Tilt Angle etc.)
  • Spatial Resolution: 16 km

Further Insight

The available results of a gravity constrained inversion performed with proprietary software are:

  • Regular grid of Moho depth
  • Spatial resolution: 16 km

Results have been published in Sampietro, D. (2015). Geological units and Moho depth determination in the Western Balkans exploiting GOCE dataGeophysical Journal International202(2), 1054-1063.

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