The Leica Geosystems Italia network, named SmartNet ItalPoS, is a commercial GNSS network for positioning services at the national scale. At the present ItalPoS is composed of more than 150 GNSS permanent stations distributed over the whole Italian territory, some of which are shared with RING and RDN networks. In 2008, with the formalization of an agreement, ItalPoS adjustment and monitoring began to be carried out by G3 group. In particular, the network adjustment was performed at Politecnico di Milano-Polo Regionale di Como, while an experimental quasi-real time station coordinates monitoring was performed by Politecnico di Torino. The network is continuously adjusted from September 2008 (GPSWeek 1495), using Bernese GPS Software and the RegNet package. Because of the large number of stations, some ad hoc methods to rigorously adjust the network by means of clusters have been implemented both in Bernese Software and in RegNet. With the advent of GReD, the automatic adjustment process became a consulting service carried out by GReD on behalf of Politecnico di Milano, that periodically checks the result consistency and approves methods and results.





Information about SmartNet Italy network can be found on the official website: