Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) processes involve the observation of a system over time using periodically sampled dynamic response measurements from an array of sensors, the extraction of damage-sensitive features from these measurements, and the statistical analysis of these features to determine the current state of health of the system.


SHM for hydro power plants

Based on surveying sensors, like GNSS receivers, high resolution and low cost geodetic monitoring solutions are designed and delivered. Landslide monitoring for critical situations above the dam can be included.

SHM dam

In red: low-cost GNSS receivers; in blue: geodetic reference receiver

GReD competencies and services about DTM and GNSS technologies support Energy & Utilities Companies to access and/or deliver top edge solutions for geodetic monitoring and the integration with other SHM risk analysis components.


SHM for high voltage electricity lines

In the framework of the collaboration between Terna Rete Italia SpA and GReD, targeted at the precise monitoring of the stability of high-voltage electricity towers, pilot tests in operational environment are ongoing.